Our motivation is to give a voice to a culture that represents one of the many indigenous cultures suffering from a deteriorating environment that can no longer sustain an independent existence. 

With this film we hope to add to the dialog about the impact of climate change on indigenous cultures. Our outreach aims to reach the larger public, of all ages, in all communities.

We would like to schedule a screening in your community, or educational institution, whether in the US or anywhere else. The event can also be followed by a stimulating discussion between the filmmaker and the audience.

To schedule a screening and a Q&A with the film director Corina Gamma in your community, College or University, please contact us.


Please contact us and we will be honored to present our film at your conference or meeting that is themed on any of the following:




Previous engagements with the film director include:

Panelist: POLAR 2018 Davos, Switzerland,

Panelist: “Muestra de Cine Socio-Ambiental” Guadalajara Film Festival, Mexico connect4climate

Panelist: “The human face of climate change“, Arctic Circle Assembly, Reykjavik, Iceland 2017: Arctic Circle Assembly

Panelist: “Día del Cine y Cambio Climático” Semana Internacional de Cine Valladolid, Spain Día del Cine y Cambio Climático

Film presentation and talk with students:

Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA;  Univesity of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Green Screens Series, Los Angeles, USA; Alliance Francaise, Guadalajara, Mexico; University of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



In October of 2106, film director Corina Gamma was invited to the Arctic Assembly in Reykjavik, Iceland to be one of the panelist in the break-out session: “Human Face of Climate Change in the Arctic: Insiders’ and Outsiders’ Perspectives”.

The panelists included: Aqqaluk Lynge (former Chair of Inuit Circumpolar Council), Yvon Csonka (Cultural Anthropologist), Martha Cerny (Inuit Museum Curator) and Corina Gamma (Film Director).

Climatologist Konrad Steffen and filmmaker Corina Gamma at the Q&A at the Solothurn Filmfestival




Q & A session with Dr. Konrad Steffen (climatologist) and Corina Gamma (director) at the 2016 Solothurn film festival in Switzerland.


Film screening and discussion at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire in 2016, followed by a tour through the Stefansson Collection on Polar Exploration with Dr. Ross Virginia, Director, Institute of Arctic Studies, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire.

Dr. Ross Virginia, Director, Institute of Arctic Studies, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire

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