Filmmaker, Director, Corina GammaCORINA GAMMA, Director / Producer
Corina Gamma is a Swiss born filmmaker and multi-media artist. She began her education in Art in Switzerland. After settling in Southern California, she continued her studies at the University of California and completed with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the Claremont Graduate University. Her interest in documenting the Polar regions motivated her to sail twice to South Georgia Island for film projects and to work as lecturer on ships in the Arctic and Antarctica. 

Between 2011 and 2018, Corina Gamma has traveled multiple times to Greenland. She also joined the renowned Swiss climatologist Dr. Konrad Steffen and his team to Swiss Camp, a climate research station on Greenland’s Ice Cap. During 3 weeks she documented the fieldwork of the climate scientists. Following this expedition, she spent two months in a small subsistent hunting community in Northern Greenland, to record first-hand testimonies from Inuit, who experience a fast change of culture in response to a warming Arctic. These testimonies from scientists and local indigenous families contributed to the film documentary SILA and the Gatekeepers of the Arctic. The feature documentary gained several nominations and awards and has been broadcast in countries around the world.

Corina Gamma also devotes time to teaching College-level photography.

Markus Kaeppeli, ProducerMARKUS KAEPPELI, Producer
ProducerMarkus Kaeppeli was born near Lucerne, Switzerland. He began working in various aspects of filmmaking during his studies and since produced over 100 feature films, short films, documentaries, commercials and industrials. In 1996, Markus founded his own production company handsUP! Film Production in Switzerland and produced his first feature film MISGUIDED ANGEL in Los Angeles. Within handsUP! he developed several feature film projects: TIMBUKTU, OF SCENT AND MIND, CONFESSIONS OF A FLESHEATER and INNOMINATO, all with European subsidy funds and in collaboration with European TV stations. In 2000 he founded the Swiss/US production company Zodiac Pictures International AG with Swiss producer Lukas Hobi. Markus Kaeppeli was working as Head of Development and Acquisition out of the US office in Hollywood and developed and produced projects such as CHAOS AND CADAVERS  and WHITE FEAR (Im Namen der Gerechtigkeit). Since 2002 Markus has been working as an independent producer and consultant in the movie and commercials industry for US and European companies via his company PegoMark, Inc. Markus Kaeppeli’s producing credits include HELLO GOODBYE directed by Stefan Jaeger, PUNK’S NOT DEAD directed by Susan Dyner, CHAOS AND CADAVERS directed by Niklaus Hilber, WHITE FEAR (Im Namen der Gerechtigkeit) directed by Stefan Jaeger, JULIE’S SPIRIT directed by Bettina Wilhelm, MISGUIDED ANGEL directed by Stefan Jaeger, HIMMELFAHRT directed by Stefan Jaeger; SCHREYSAEKK directed by Oliver Keidel, RATTENFANG directed by Stefan Jaeger, and SCHRITTE GEGEN DEN WIND directed by Stefan Jaeger.leo.

Stefan Jaeger, ProducerSTEFAN JAEGER, Coproducer
Co-ProducerStefan Jaeger was born in 1970 in Uster (Switzerland). After he finished the teacher’s training’s college he started to work as independent filmmaker at the Multimedia Information Centre of Lucerne. In 1992 he began his studies at the Film-Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg (Germany) in writing and directing. He finished the school with diploma in 1997. Today he is teaching at the same institute directing, he is also teacher for script writing at the ZHdK in Zurich. Since then he has written and directed numerous films for cinema and television, both feature films and documentaries. His feature film BIRTHDAY won him the audience award as well as the award for best script at the Film Festival in Saarbrücken, where the film premiered. The film screened at many national and international film festivals and had a theatrical release in Germany and Switzerland. In 2004 his first play 57‘38 EWIGKEIT which he co-wrote with Bibiana Beglau had its stage premier at the Schauspielhaus in Zurich. The play was well received by critics and audiences alike. Last year Stefan Jäger won the award for the Best Swiss Television feature for his adaption of the crime story HUNKELER UND DER FALL LIVIUS. In 2012 he finished his latest long feature HORIZON BEAUTIFUL, shot entirely in Ethiopia. Stefan Jäger is a member of the Swiss and the European Film Academy.

Patrick Merkle, Project ManagerPATRICK MERKLE, Production Manager
Co-ProducerPatrick Merkle was born in 1972 in Göppingen (Germany). He studied English Linguistics and received an M.A. degree in Media and Cultural Sciences. Since, he has worked as Production Assistant and Junior Producer at FLYING MOON Filmproduktion in Berlin on documentaries such as HEIRATE MICH (MARRY ME), FULL METAL VILLAGE, and FOOTBALL UNDER COVER to name a few.Since 2010 Patrick has been working as Freelance Producer and Production Manager on four documentaries that are in production.

Regine TherkelsenREGINE THERKELSEN, Assistant Producer
Assistant ProducerRegine Therkelsen was born and raised in Greenland and currently lives in Ilulissat. She studied Service Management in Qaqortoq, South Greenland, and has studied one year abroad in the US in Marengo, Iowa. She has worked as an assistant/translator for renowned Norwegian director Indra Lorentzen.



Music Composer: JORGE CORANTE

Original improvisations by trioFUGU: LORENZ GAMMA  violin, JOON SUNG JUN  cello, MING TSU  piano

Post-Audio Team: MELODYGUN, Sound Design / Rerecording Mix: KENNEDY PHILLIPS, Temp Mix: KRISTINA HAYS

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